Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Walk Away from Business Purely for Environmental Reasons

Started by Mary Busby, Environmental Practice Leader at Oswald Companies

If a real estate deal or financing for a deal seems problematic simply due to environmental issues at the property, you don't have to walk away from this revenue.

Environmental liability insurance and risk management tools can work to solve these issues and can bring greater value to the transaction by reducing the environmental "number" in the equation to a hard cost that, when stacked against the value of the deal, will often appear nominal and appealing.

These protections are also transferrable and can help facilitate a sale to the next buyer at a price that does not include a discount due to environmental concerns.

I facilitate these sorts of transactions every day by reviewing environmental reports, analyzing the environmental issues, and positioning these issues in a light that is most favorable to moving a deal forward. Sometimes, the answer doesn't involve insurance, yet sometimes it does.

Once educated on what this can do, you are certain to increase your business.

I am a licensed attorney who has also served as a senior environmental underwriter for the largest environmental insurance carrier, as the environmental risk manager for one of the largest commercial real estate development firms, and as the director of the due diligence practice of a well-respected environmental consulting firm. I now run the Environmental Practice at Oswald Companies, one of the largest independent insurance brokerages and risk management firms in the country.

This allows me to look at environmental issues from all aspects to find the best solution and to leverage our strong relationships in the market to get things done.

Invovling me early is best, but if you are already far down the road and ready to walk away for environmental reasons, it still may not be too late. Sometimes, it just takes another perspective.

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